Warehouses with Cantilever Racking System

Why choose Modulblok?

Product plus Cantilever warehouses?

  • Flexibility of use and great adaptability
  • Ideal for long and bulky loads
  • Anti-seismic
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Why choose Cantilever warehouses Modulblok?

The MODULBLOK Cantilever racking provides extreme flexibility of use. It comes with a full range of accessories and can be adapted to countless configurations.

The Cantilever is MODULBLOK’s solution for long loads, developed in collaboration with the most important University Research Centres in Italy and around the world.

The MODULBLOK Cantilever racking, made of shelves and columns, is ideal for storing long and bulky loads such as bars, tubes, profiles, boards, timber and sheets, due to the absence of uprights on the loading side.

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