Automated Warehouses with Self-Supporting Rack System

Why choose Modulblok?

Product plus Self-Supporting Warehouses?

  • Reduced costs and times in the construction of the building
  • Maximum use of available height and space in general
  • Multiple references storage capability

Why choose Self-Supporting Warehouses Modulblok?

MODULBLOK free standing warehouses are designed and manufactured by combining the two fundamental components of the warehouse system: “Racking” and “building”. The “racking” element is sized to support, in addition to the stored loads (pallets or other loading units), also the elements of the “building” (side walls, roofing and accessories) as well as the stress created by the handling equipment and the external agents (wind, snow, seismic movements, etc.).

The free standing warehouses are usually large and very tall intensive storage buildings, whose economic impact is significantly lower than the construction of a traditional warehouse where the racking element is inserted at a later stage.

MODULBLOK engineers and technicians study and analyse the flows and design the entire structure and every operating element, including basic systems and accessories, down to the minimum detail.

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