Since 1976, we have been at the forefront of Storage Systems and Warehouse Logistics. 150 employees – 22,000 square metres and thousands of companies served in different parts of the world

Warehouse Logistics occupy an increasingly important and strategic position in the supply chain of a company that controls performance in order to improve its efficiency. With this responsibility, we at Modulblok are always striving for continuous improvement, based on the following concepts and results.

Organised, high-performing and safe warehouses

This is the result of continuous improvement, the search for customised, original and innovative solutions.

Optimization of space, time and costs

Our priority is to create a new culture that drives us to avoid waste, pollution and low value activities.

Competence, reliability and technical expertise

This is what we can offer, with enthusiasm and participation, to facilitate this evolution that helps improve the organisational level of the entire production and distribution chain.We at Modulblok have chosen the path of rigorous design and quality in accordance with ACAI-CISI protocols (Italian Manufacturers of Industrial Shelving) as well as ISO 9001 certification.

Awareness, transparency, quality

We have the awareness that companies play an important and educational role in society, starting from the attention to personal and professional growth of their employees, because human resources are the real value on which every strategy is based.

Transparency in decisions and evolutions to be an example, stimulating curiosity and desire to grow. Quality always pursued at all corporate and partnership levels, a propensity that for us at Modulblok goes hand in hand with rigorous design.

Participation and certification

For us, first-hand involvement in the definition of regulations is a duty and a mission: this is demonstrated by our commitment to Seisracks2, the world’s leading research project on the behaviour of shelves in a seismic area. Certifications are very useful, they contribute to product improvement and give the best guarantee to our customers; for this reason, we follow the ACAI-CISI (Industrial Manufacturers Italian Shelving) protocols and have the ISO 9001 certification.

Research and evolution

Our commitment is our vision, which leads us to promote research, study and the evolution of technical and human thinking, by encouraging young people who are just entering the labour market, also through company internship programs.