Automated Warehouses and Robotic Shelves for Storage Automation

Why choose Modulblok?

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  • Space Optimization
  • Scheduling activities over 24 hours
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Why choose Automated Warehouses Modulblok?

MODULBLOK Automated Warehouses allow for great warehouse performance: they eliminate dead times, optimise available space, enable you to know in real time the position and characteristics of the stored goods.

With the complete automation of the warehouse, you can take advantage of the full 24-hour cycle to continuously reorganise the storage of goods in the warehouse, both incoming and outgoing, optimising working times with significant economic benefits (staff reduction and cost reduction in general).

MODULBLOK’s engineers thoroughly analyse your needs, specifications, requirements, products to be stored and expected handling, in order to offer the best performing and most reliable solution for your automated warehouse.

When standard systems and equipment do not meet customer requirements, MODULBLOK’s engineers design customised and innovative structures, machinery and automation devices for warehouses of any size and kind, always carefully considering the ROI (return on investment) for each proposed solution.

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