Automated Warehouses

Automated Warehouses with Stacker Crane Systems

Why choose Modulblok?

Product plus Automated Warehouses with Stacker Crane Systems?

  • Fast storage and picking
  • Optimal safety inside the warehouse
  • Reduced workforce
  • Computerised management of the loading units

Why choose Automated Warehouses with Stacker Crane Systems Modulblok?

Automated warehousing served by computerised stacker cranes enable a correct and fast management of the warehouse, both in and out.

This particular type of MODULBLOK automated warehouse works within the operating aisles, without the help of work force, in complete safety.

Stacker cranes can be of the single or dual-column type, with lateral movement, with single or double depth, and are able to handle loading units of remarkable weight and size, optimising spaces. Depending on your needs, they can be equipped with mono or bi-directional satellite systems for the positioning and picking of loads.

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