After sales

Modulblok’s after-sale service is structured to fully and accurately respond to the needs and requests of our customers.

Modulblok After sales

Specialised staff available for:


  • Hearing and evaluating new warehouse needs
  • Suggesting and recommending appropriate solutions
  • Identifying or designing any ancillary structures to adapt to different products or picking actions
  • Identifying or designing any support systems and automations
  • Installing and testing the updated sections
  • Adapting and certifying installations according to new regulations


  • Inspection, cleaning and checking interventions
  • Checking and updating documentation
  • Instrumental verification of upright frames
  • Retraining
  • Periodic interventions on devices and automated systems
  • Updates of management software
  • Drafting of verification sheets and reports


  • Checks and replacement of damaged parts
  • Provision and installation of elements for restoring safety conditions

Supply and Installation of Spare Parts and Accessories

Thanks to a versatile production line and forty years of experience, which is transmitted and shared with the most important Research Centres around the World, Modulblok creates customised spare parts and accessories to solve any storage and handling need.For our customers’ peace of mind, we propose packages with different levels of intervention according to their real needs. Contact us for any information.