Automated Warehouses

Automated Warehouses with Satellite or Shuttle System

Why choose Modulblok?

Product plus Automated Warehouses with Satellite or Shuttle System?

  • Semi-automated storage with partial operator intervention
  • Safe loading and unloading operations
  • Multiplication of references
  • Ease of use and increased productivity
  • Great exploitation of warehouse space

Why choose Automated Warehouses with Satellite or Shuttle System Modulblok?

The MODULBLOK automated warehouses served by Satellite are the evolution of Drive-in warehouses, with a remarkable improvement in safety, as no carts or transport vehicles with a person on board are used inside the warehouse.Working speeds increase considerably, and so does the number of warehouse references, as each tunnel can be loaded autonomously. The satellites are small and move along tracks inside the tunnels, beneath the support surfaces of the Load Units. Vertical handling is carried out with lifts.

In Fi-FO and LI-FO configurations, the automated storage with radio controlled satellite is ideal for foodstuffs both at room temperature and cold storage, from -25° to + 45°, making it much easier and safer to pick loading units inside the storage aisles.

The operator places the loads on the guides and, by controlling one or more satellites through the radio control, can handle multiple operations at the same time. Satellite shutters take and deposit the load in the cells of the accumulation aisles with extreme precision, thanks to special integrated sensors.

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