Automated Warehouses

Automated Warehouses with Raider System

Why choose Modulblok?

Product plus Automated Warehouses with Raider System?

  • Fully automated system
  • Maximum efficiency in less time and in total safety
  • Extreme space optimisation
  • Computerised management of the warehouse
  • Substantial reduction in workforce and management costs
  • 24 h operation

Why choose Automated Warehouses with Raider System Modulblok?

The automated warehouses with Raider system are the innovation of the MODULBLOK range.

This system is the fully automated evolution of the satellite, from which it has adopted all operating modes, with the particular feature of placing and picking the pallets from the 800 side. This way, all pallet support guides have been eliminated, making full use of the available height.

The Raider has the peculiar feature of “clinging” to the shelf front without the help of supporting guides and operating with a single central aisle on both sides (right and left). The Raider interfaces with the ERP systems in use and can be managed remotely.

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