Cantilever warehouses

Industrial Cantilever Steel Shelving System

Why choose Modulblok?

Product plus Cantilever?

  • Absence of obstacles for front-loading of long loads
  • Excellent modular flexibility
  • Optimal load range and capacity, up to 3000 Kg
  • Easy and fast verticalisation of goods
  • Possibility to reach great heights, also over 7 meters
  • Levels adjustable every 75 mm

Why choose Cantilever Modulblok?

The excellence of the MODULBLOK Cantilever is given by the particular sections of columns and shelves, sized and verified for each single warehouse.

The system can be used both in its basic and modular version, configured with a wide range of accessories and customisation options, or especially designed, in specific and unique configurations, to perfectly fit the stored products.

The structure can be configured in a variety of loading and picking solutions, single-sided and double-sided, and managed through automation devices such as lateral lifts, which reduce the size of the picking aisle, optimising the available space.

Storage operations take place in complete safety thanks to the unique structural components that Modulblok uses for the manufacturing of the elements.

The Modulblok load bearing structure
The vertical columns are made of two C-shaped structural steel profiles, continuously drilled by numerical control machines and coupled by robotised welding to produce a precise box section. They are individually grounded by fixing them to horizontal bases anchored to the flooring and fastened to each other through a vertical bracing system consisting of tubular diagonals and cross-sections.

Modulblok support shelves
The shelves are made of cold formed steel horizontal supports, connected to the columns through a practical and safe “camber” system, which allows for easy replacement and/or repositioning as needed, without the use of specific tools.

The Modulblok Cantilever system is highly adaptable also in seismic areas. Each installation is specifically designed, taking into consideration all parameters that affect the magnitude of the forces induced by the seismic event (geographical location, type of terrain, characteristics of the stored goods), following the prescriptions of the most modern international standards.

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