Pallet racking warehouses

Pallet-holder Warehouse Racks & Shelving Systems

Why choose Modulblok?

Product plus Pallet-holder Warehouse Racks?

  • Easy and fast verticalisation of goods
  • Loading Units traceability
  • Use of great heights

Why choose Pallet-holder Warehouse Racks Modulblok?

The uniqueness of MODULBLOK Pallet Warehouses consists in the special sections of the profiles and the special angled fastening, tested also in situations of significant external stresses such as earthquakes. In these situations, as well as in cases of accidental impact, the programmed deformation system helps to contain the damage, tending to avoid the domino effect on the entire structure.

The system can be used both in its basic and modular version, configured with a wide range of accessories and customisation options, or specifically designed, in specific and unique configurations, to better manage the stored products, also creating complex structures, automated or even free standing.

Pallet storage takes place in total safety thanks to exclusive and certified structural components.

The Modulblok profile
The profile sections, of uprights and beams, are studied and tested to achieve maximum strengths with minimum weight.

The Modulblok Interlock
This is the strength of the system, because it provides an optimal ratio between strength and stiffness and the correct transfer and distribution of the load from the beams to the uprights.

They are used where it is necessary to stiffen and stabilise the structure against actions induced by horizontal forces.

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