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LocationItaly SectorIndustrial Cables
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Modulblok seismic-resistant pallet and box storage warehouse, designed to comply with fire regulations by using vertical and horizontal bracing frames and with the integration of a vertical sprinkler system.

Modulblok automated and free standing warehouse for the storage and distribution of hoses, sheaths and fittings for electrical, industrial and civil installations. The plant is divided into two parts: one for the storage of finished products on pallets or basket and the other for the storage of boxes.

The total area is about 2,000 m2.

The warehouse capacity is about 2,500 LU (pallets/baskets) with a maximum weight of 800 kg each, while the box part can accommodate about 5,400 LU with a maximum weight of 120 kg each.

The automated plant, served by 3 stacker cranes, has been designed with 8 height levels, arranged with a double depth. In the box department, levels go up to 24, in order to take full advantage of the available height. The upright frame has an internal height of approximately 16,300 mm. To minimise environmental impact, the warehouse has been designed for an under-ground height of about 6,500 mm and an aboveground height of about 11,000 mm. Another element for reducing the environmental impact was the use of green coloured panels.

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