Pallet racking warehouses

Drive-In / Drive-Through Warehouse Racks & Shelving Systems

Why choose Modulblok?

Product plus Drive-in Warehouses?

  • Optimisation of available space
  • Elimination of aisles between racks
  • Incoming and outgoing controls
  • Use in cold storage

Why choose Drive-in Warehouses Modulblok?

The MODULBLOK Drive-in racking enables the optimal use of the available volume and therefore an intensive storage thanks to the elimination of the picking aisles between the racks. This solution is particularly suitable for homogeneous products with a low rotation and large quantities of pallets for every reference.

Use in cold storage
The Drive-in system is particularly suited for refrigerated or controlled temperature applications.

The system can be configured in a LI.FO. version (the last one entering is the first one to come out) or a FI.FO. version (the first one entering is the first one to come out), the ideal solution for perishable or expiring goods such as groceries, drugs, etc.

The semi-automated evolution is the radio-controlled satellite, a device that can be integrated into all Drive-in Modulblok installations, bringing considerable benefits:Significant increase in safety, increased references, which can be different for each floor, maximum use of the loading volume and high working speed.

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