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Iper Tosano

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Two Modulblok seismic resistant free standing automated pallet rack warehouses, with special braces for the storage and handling of bulk loading units of various sizes and weights, with the addition of two traditional pallet warehouses.

The total capacity of the automated warehouses is over 64,000 loading units stored in a double depth on 17 load levels, handled by 10 stacker cranes, 12 m h.

The total capacity of the traditional pallet warehouses is over 26,000 (13,000 + 13,000) pallets stored in a double depth on 8 load levels, handled by 5 + 5 stacker cranes with a height of 18 m, for a total area of ​​approximately 7,500 sq. m and a height of 18 m.

All Modulblok warehouses have been designed in accordance with anti-seismic regulations, with an integrated sprinkler fire-extinguishing system.

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